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Just a Quick Introduction

We don’t do things for the Insta, but we do take a lot of photos. We’re not travel bloggers, but we will talk a lot about travel stuff. We’re not foodies, but… ok maybe we are foodies, so expect a lot of food content.

We’re Urban Sesame – a group of independent writers that are trying to create an authentic guide for Vietnam and other parts of Asia. We eat, live, work, and play in these locations that we’re writing about, and we strive to provide original content that’s relevant to you.

There will be practical information here for long-term residents, and those who’ve just moved. There will be information for tourists, or those who are contemplating a more permanent state of “away”.

We’re interested in people, sights, adventures, culture, history, and yes… food. But we also take pride in presenting just the most basic information (and maybe some Verdicts) to make sure you have enough room to find your own experience.

But yes, at the end of the day, we’re just people and we’d genuinely like to hear from you. So, if you:

  • Want to be a contributor
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