A Short Guide to Proper Sunday Roasts in Saigon – Tried and Tested

I like roast dinners. And, judging from the range of options available, it seems that quite a few other people like their Sunday meat, veg, and gravy as well. You’ll find roast dinners at high-end hotels and restaurants serving international cuisine, as well as roast dinner buffets with roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork and roast chicken on offer. But for our current purposes, we’ll focus on roast dinners available at the smaller locations – basically not a hotel, and not a buffet. Just nice, friendly places with good service, and good serving sizes. Our team have personally tried and tested all the places on this short guide to Sunday roasts in Saigon, and we hope this helps you all find a nice food coma to enjoy during your weekends.

Union Jack’s in Thao Dien

Union Jacks Sunday Roast
Credits: Union Jack’s Facebook Page

Glad that this place finally put roast on the menu! I’ve been quite happy with it every time. The roast lamb at Union Jack’s is particularly well made, and they have a good number of tasty side dishes off the menu which go really well with the roast, in case you need a bit extra to hit your carb goals for the weekend. The service is always good here, and the 2nd floor is just a good place to enjoy a few beers with a few friends on a slow Sunday morning. Haven’t tried the vegetarian option yet, but I suppose that’s just another reason to come back.

The Tavern in D7

I feel somehow that they don’t really “roast” the beef, but it’s still pretty tasty.

Our top pick for roast dinner in D7 – potentially because it’s the only place in D7 that actually offers it. The Tavern rotates the weekend menu of roast beef, roast pork and roast chicken options with all the trimmings. They even have a “vegetarian roast” option. Message them on FB to see what’s available for that specific weekend. This place can get quite busy on a Sunday, but the service is still good, and dishes are served quickly. Their roast potatoes are probably the best on this list, but the gravy is a thin. Flavorful, but a bit watery. Still, it’s a satisfying meal. Dog friendly restaurant in D7!

DTwo Sportspub in Thao Dien

DTwo Sunday Roast
Credits: DTwo Facebook Page

DTwo is great place to go for a roast dinner if you’re looking for a more casual setting. They have roast beef, roast pork, roast lamb and roast chicken on the menu, as well as a couple of vegetarian options. I believe they also rotate the menu, but every time I’ve gone there they’ve always had beef… so not asking questions. The roast potatoes here are also very good – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Prices are reasonable especially given the generous portion sizes. The only “downside” is that the interiors will echo with multiple (loud) big screen TVs. It is a sports bar after all, and few things go better with morning UFC than a Sunday roast.

Jaspa’s – Multiple Locations

Jaspas Sunday Roast
Credits: Jaspa’s Facebook Page

I’m not a big fan of chain restaurants, but there is something to say about a roast dinner from Jaspa’s. It’s consistently good, and they’re not shy on serving size. I’ll give it that. Roast options here off the menu. No asking what’s available. I think this is how the world should be. The roast potatoes are usually just okay – not bad, but not great either, but the gravies tend to be on the thicker side which I like, as it sticks to the mash and yorkshires. The D1 location tends to be quieter and has better aircon than the one in Thao Dien (which has a kid’s playground in the back – which would be ideal for families).

Bay Bakery (formerly N21)

This is from the old N21 location. Will need to revisit Bay to get a photo of the roast as the new location.

Was quite disappointed to hear that the old location (N21) has closed down. However, am pleased to note that their Sunday roast is back at the new location (Bay Bakery). They get top marks for presentation and makes for a very Instagramable meal. Serving size isn’t the biggest, so you might want to order an extra salad, but everything is just well crafted and very tasty.


We’ll be updating this constantly, so his is by no means an exhaustive list of places that serve Sunday roasts. If you know of any other places please drop them in the comments. Especially in D1 and D7. I feel like there should be more options there, but we just don’t hear about them that much.

Enjoy the food coma!


  1. Hi, We opened our 2nd Rabbit hole Irish sports bar at 111 Pham Viet Chanh, in Saigon in November 2021 and have been doing weekly Sunday Roasts since December 2021. We would love for you to come and check out our place.

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