“We Serve Dog” – Try These Dog Friendly Restaurants in Saigon

I just got a dog. I’m not going to say I “rescued” a dog, because that just sounds self-important. I got a dog because I wanted one. Started off as a foster, but then I realized I do want to have the additional responsibility in my life. But I will say that, so far, being a dog parent in Saigon has been quite a challenge – especially since I really like eating out, a lot. Trying to find a place to eat out that’s delicious, dog-friendly AND reasonably priced can feel like an impossible task. And even when you do find somewhere that meet all three criteria, there’s always the worry that your dog is going to bark and annoy the other customers. We feel for other dog owners in town, so we’ve compiled this short list of Dog Friendly Restaurants in Saigon, all personally tried and tested!

EDIT: Have included some new dog-friendly restaurants, based on trusted feedback from other dog owners, and restaurant owners. Though we haven’t personally tried and tested bringing the furball there, we have eaten at these other locations, and can confidently recommend them.

A Few Notes

Credits: R House Facebook Page

One of the best things about living in Saigon is that there are plenty of dog-friendly patios for you to enjoy. When the weather is nice, take advantage of these patios and enjoy some quality time with your pup.

To note as well, we’ve only tried sitting in the outdoors areas of these restaurants, with the dog leashed. We’ve seen a few other dogs run around in some of these places, but we also don’t want to take chances as this little furball is still adjusting.

If you’re trying to avoid getting your dog stepped on or being barked at by other dogs, it’s best to opt for a quiet corner where you can relax and enjoy your meal without worrying about your pup causing a scene… or getting the attention of small children.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Thao Dien (District 2/Thu Duc)

  • Annam Gourmet (Feliz Branch) – Sure, this is a supermarket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a really well priced, quality meal here. Good place for a quick lunch; or if you have time, get the buffet. Reasonably ok coffee as well, for a supermarket.
  • Johnny B Good – Large villa-type bar and restaurant in Thao Dien. Good doggos can use the swimming pool! This place is perfect for large groups.
  • R House – No surprise here. This is a rescue-dog themed bar/restaurant, and of course they’re going to be accommodating to your pup. There’s a lot of other dogs though, and things can get very barky very quickly.
  • Saigon Outcast – Probably the most dog friendly location in Thao Dien. This place has dog-specific activities, and even during activities for people like the beer fests you’ll have a lot of doggos also drinking beer… I’d like to imagine, at least.
  • Snap Cafe – Nice outdoorsy place, with a lot of greenery. Fusion food, with bits of Mexican, Viet, American. Great place for groups, and brunch.
  • Wild Thyme – Classy interior, excellent service, tasty food. Oh, plus they have a pool! Great place to bring the doggos, while you sip on some healthy smoothies and snack on some sizeable salads.

Instead of having just “ok” coffee, why not try something that’s worth getting a kilo of?

Fantastic Vietnamese Coffee Roasters and Where to Find Them

Dog Friendly Restaurants in District 1 Saigon

  • Indika – Right in the heart of D1, this place has a beautiful garden area that’s perfect for a date night or dinner with groups. They’ve got a good mix of food, music, drinks, and your pup is sure to make some friends.
  • The JOI Factory – Fusion-ish resto with a good mix of sandwiches noodles, western style salads, and rice dishes. Good vibe with lots of light. Great for brunch.
  • Lost and Found – Not a restaurant, per se, but still dog friendly. The owners have their own dogs here every now and then (a really big floof of a malamute). Space is a bit small though, so come early if you want to snag a seat.
  • The Refinery – Classier establishment in the tourist area, but still really dog friendly. Outdoor seating only for your pup, but the service is great, and the location itself is very interesting. Highly recommend for brunch.
Dog Friendly Restaurants in Saigon Sleeping Doggo
Is full. Haz eat. Make sleep. Flip.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in District 7

  • BCB Burgers Cocktails and Beer -Burger shack with outdoor seating (only). Located right beside a mini theme park, which is good for kids. Burgers are solid, and you can double up on patties. Their version of the In-n-Out burger reminds me of my childhood.
  • Boomerang Bistro – High-end brunch place in the Crescent Mall are with a great view of the lake. Ideal setting for a morning, post-run coffee. Lots of outdoor seating. Good service.
  • Eden Cafe – This is a great place to come for some peace and quiet. It’s located in a more residential area, so it’s not as crowded as places in the main PMH area. Can still get busy, but their outdoor area is perfect for a few beers, or a meal with friends.
  • Jimmy’s Pizza – Many people feel it’s a bit of a trek to get to D7, but it might be worth it for the pizza. They’ve got great outdoor seating that’s perfect for large groups, and your pup is sure to make some new friends here. Great lunch specials.
  • Malt South – There were other people here with dogs when we walked past it, so we figured, “hey we drink here anyway, so why not give it a try?” Turns out that I don’t really mind sitting along the highway in the evenings. If you’re looking for a place to drink with your pup, this is a great option.
  • Red and Round – Nice, neighborhood Italian place in the PMH area. Can be good for a classy date night, or just a casual lunch. Some outdoor seating available. As the name would suggest, their pizzas are top notch.
  • The Tavern – We come here mostly for their roast dinners, but the outdoor patio area is really cozy and perfect for a doggy day out. Not too many other dogs around, so your pup won’t be too distracted. Can get a bit noisy and beepy though as it’s right along the main road.
  • Updog – Relatively new place, but it’s quickly becoming one of our favorites. They have an awesome streetside area that’s perfect for happy hour or a night out. The service is great, and the dogs are spot on. Definitely worth a visit if only to take a photo of you eating a dog, with the Updog logo in the back, while your dog looks on confused AF.

Looking for other dining locations in D7? It’s not just Korean restaurants!

A Short Guide to non-Korean Restaurants in District 7 Saigon


Dining out with your pup in tow doesn’t have to be difficult – as long as you’re prepared for it! Check out some of these places listed above, so you can make sure that both you and your furry friend have a good time.

And! Most importantly, we want this to be a living document. If you have any places that you would recommend, please let us know in the comments below!

What are some of your favorite dog-friendly restaurants in Saigon?


  1. […] A bit on the pricey side, but if you’re looking for a posh vegetarian meal, Wild Thyme is the place to go. Not sure how many other vegetarian restaurants in Saigon can say that they’ve got a swimming pool. Much like the well thought out atmosphere of the restaurant, the dishes are also very carefully plated and presented. The focus is on healthy, organic food, and it shows in the taste. Very good for groups and events in Thao Dien. They’ve got a good selection of adult beverages as well… alcohol is vegetarian right? Dog friendly location! […]

  2. […] Our top pick for roast dinner in D7 – potentially because it’s the only place in D7 that actually offers it. The Tavern rotates the weekend menu of roast beef, roast pork and roast chicken options with all the trimmings. They even have a “vegetarian roast” option. Message them on FB to see what’s available for that specific weekend. This place can get quite busy on a Sunday, but the service is still good, and dishes are served quickly. Their roast potatoes are probably the best on this list, but the gravy is a thin. Flavorful, but a bit watery. Still, it’s a satisfying meal. Dog friendly restaurant in D7! […]

  3. […] It might not be New York, but it’s damn close. One of the best things about Jimmy’s (aside from the size of the large pizza) is their outdoor seating. Great place to just sit and enjoy a large pizza. They also do lunch specials, so you don’t have to finish a whole large pizza. And, waste not want note, you can also dip the chewy crust edge in their blue cheese sauce (or marinara, if you prefer). Why are we focusing on the large pizzas? Because they’re large, and not shy on toppings. So whether you’re a fan of the classics like pepperoni or sausage, or you want to try something new, like their BBQ chicken pizza, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at Jimmy’s. Dog friendly restaurant in D7! […]

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