Best Value Sushi in Saigon – But is it Worth the Trip?

AEON Mall Sushi
AEON Mall Sushi

This is not a review about the “best sushi” in Saigon. No. This will be a review of the best value sushi in Saigon. We’re just poor writers here at Urban Sesame, so we try to find the best value everything, including raw fish. Sometimes we’ll shell out for authentic Japanese food, but when the hunger strikes, mall sushi will save you.

With that said, let’s continue with the actual review.


Didn’t even know there was an AEON mall this deep into Tan Phu. There are two AEON malls in Ho Chi Minh City. We just so happened to choose this one because the Decathlon was located there, and we wanted to buy some gym stuff. Now, AEON mall is a bit far if you live in town, but it’s convenient enough if you’re going there on a weekend. It looks like a proper trek on Google Maps, but on the highway it was only about 20 minutes from D1.

Address: 30 Đ. Tân Thắng, Sơn Kỳ, Tân Phú, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Pre-packed Sushi – This wouldn’t be out of place in a Japanese 7-11

Inside the mall, on the way to Decathlon you can’t help but notice the food market. Lots of stalls – fresh juice, hot meals, and they even had a Japanese curry station! But the thing that really caught my eye was the sushi corner.

Brightly lit refrigeration units with literally every type of sushi you can think of. And starting at around VND60,000-70,000 per pack.

I’m not sure how AEON manages to keep the prices so low on their sushi, but it’s a pretty good deal if you’re looking for something quick and tasty. The fish is quite fresh – I didn’t get that “fishy” taste that you sometimes get with prepacked sushi. And yes, I was half expecting that this fish was already halfway to the bin.

Fresh Options – Or at least, I hope they’re fresh


We got a bunch of stuff. Mixed sushi platters and pre-made tempura stored under a heat lamp. The most expensive one was just under 300K VND – and was more than enough for 4 people to share. Worth it? Yes. Definitely.

Random Fried Stuff Under a Heat Lamp


The quality of the sushi was surprisingly good! Considering how cheap it is, the salmon was especially fresh tasting, as were some of the other pieces. And there are so many options: California rolls, tuna rolls, salmon nigiri… you could easily make a meal out of it for under 100K VND. Definitely one of the best value meals in Saigon.

The only downside (other than the distance) is that there’s no customization possible – you get what they give you in the pack. But hey, for these prices, you might as well stock up for a few meals. Which I did. It’s not the best sushi, but damn, it’s the best value sushi in Saigon, this side of Tan Son Nhat.

Might stop by here for a snack next time I’m on the way to the airport. Wish they had delivery though. Do any of you know if AEON delivers? Leave info on the comments below.


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