Great Value! Review of Mr. Ox Steak House in Saigon

Nestled deep in the Darklands, lies a savior who will bring us flavor. Or at least, a change away from our everyday pho and bun rieu. It was a nice surprise, so taking time to write this review of Mr. Ox Steak House in Saigon.

And before we continue, I have to clarify, no offense is meant to our friends who live in the Darklands – AKA: Phu Nhuan. It’s actually quite a nice place to live in!

The Restaurant

Rents must be cheap in the area, as this steakhouse has quite a large frontage. Coming in from either direction on Nguyen Van Dau, you can’t miss it. The sign is brightly lit, and it seems to be the only western style restaurant on the street. It’s just north of Phan Dang Luu, so it’s also pretty accessible. Mind you I already had other things to do in the area, and didn’t come here specifically for the food. It was just a nice bonus.

The interiors are a bit eclectic, but nothing out of the ordinary for a western restaurant in Vietnam. The background music is quite the same, with random hits from the 80s and 90s mixed in with (what I assume to be) more recent Viet pop. Lighting (as is apparent from the photos) is very low.

Service staff didn’t really speak that much English, but they did understand me enough to get the order right. They’re nice and friendly, which is what counts.

Cheesy baby potatoes

The Food

As far as the menu was concerned, it was pretty standard for a steakhouse. Several cuts, and several types sauce. A few sides were also listed. Went with rib-eye and mushroom sauce, along with a side of baby potatoes smothered in what was most probably real cheese. Didn’t ask, but the potatoes were tasty regardless.

The steak could have been better. The cut was a bit thin, but they did have a good amount on the sizzling plate. Flavorful, if a bit gristly. Can’t really complain, as it was a steak dinner for under 10USD – about 200VND.

There was also a wine menu, but I didn’t really get to take a good look at it.


If you’re already in the area, this is a good spot. Affordable steak, good service, great value. It’s not trying to be B3 or Stokers – not pretentious. Wouldn’t come here as a destination, but it’s a nice place to go if already in Phu Nhuan.

Address: 40/13 Nguyễn Văn Đậu, Phường 6, Bình Thạnh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

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