Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Danang – Tried and Tested

We’ve fallen in love with Danang. This city offers what is arguably the best quality of life in Vietnam. The cost of living is low, the weather is fantastic and there’s an incredible selection of things to do. One thing that Danang does not lack is great food. There are so many incredible restaurants to choose from, and if you’re looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in Danang, we’ve got you covered.

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A few other travelers have complained about how difficult it is to find vegetarian food in Danang (and Vietnam in general), but we beg to differ. This city has some of the best vegetarian restaurants we’ve ever been to. Here are a few of the more “international” options:

Chickpea Eatery

Credits: Chickpea Eatery Facebook Page

Offering a cozy and garden-y dining space, it’s hard not to like Chickpea Eatery, even if you’re a meat eater! This cozy little restaurant is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some delicious vegan food. My friend and I spent a Saturday afternoon there and sampled a mish mash of rolls, banh mi, and salads. All made fresh, and packed with flavor. The owner is also very friendly and welcoming, making Chickpea Eatery the perfect place for a relaxed meal with friends. Though it’s a bit “far” for the city center (the city center being An Thuong, as defined by lazy people like me) I would still highly recommend a visit to this charming eatery.

Roots Plant-based Cafe

Credits: Roots Facebook Page

Am a big fan of Roots, and used to come here quite regularly, not only because it was within walking distance from my apartment, but more importantly because the food is just delicious. The falafel salad is a personal favorite of mine, and the hummus is delicious. Most of their salads are pretty generously portioned out, so that’s a big plus for big eaters like me. You’ll definitely be full after your meal. The staff is also friendly and welcoming, making your dining experience that much better. Excellent presentation and plating. Plus, it’s just a few minutes from the beach. Perfect for sundowners!

Khong Vegan Kitchen

Credits: Khong Vegan Facebook Page

We’ve written about this place before, you can tell that we really like Khong Vegan Kitchen. The variety and consistency of their food is amazing, and they’re always coming up with new and innovative dishes. Anything from burgers, to tacos, to vegetarian takes on traditional Vietnamese food. It’s quite impressive really. On top of that, owner is also friendly and accommodating, making your dining experience that much more enjoyable. I liked their older location, but this new one has a small, bohemian vibe which is also pretty good. Great option for delivery – but they also have a Thursday buffet!

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Restaurants in Danang That You Absolutely Should Not Miss

AN’s Vegetarian

Credits: AN’s Vegetarian Facebook Page

To the west of the river, you’ll find the cozy and quirkily decorated AN’s Vegetarian. This restaurant has a heavy focus on Vietnamese food, but there will be a few ostensibly foreign options (some pasta, Thai, Japanese) – all vegetarian of course, The menu is quite extensive, and features both traditional and fusion dishes. I personally love their variety of snacks and rolls – ordered a few different ones and haven’t been disappointed. The service is also of a reasonably high standard. The drinks menu is also pretty solid, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. Overall, a great option if you’re looking for some delicious vegetarian food on the other side of town.

Loving Vegan

Credits: Loving Vegan Facebook Page

Loving Vegan has quickly become one of my favourite places in Danang. Only discovered it during a recent trip, which is sad for me because their location is so close to where I used to love. The place itself has a nice family vibe, and the staff are friendly and welcoming, and they will be happy to help you choose the perfect dish. On that visit, I ordered the BBQ cauliflower, and the mac and cheese, and my friend ordered a salad and a soup. All of these dishes were satisfying, and very tasty – even for my carnivorous preferences. Overall, my only regret is not having enough time to try out some more options.


Credits: iVegan Facebook Page

iVegan is located in the heart of An Thuong, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a quiet meal in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu is not overly extensive, but still features a variety of soups, salad, and sandwiches. The drinks menu has some nice juices and smoothies. Having said that, some people might want to come here is for the desserts and smoothie bowls. Indoor and outdoor seating both available, and I think they would have already opened up the upper level by now.

Chay Corner – Vietnamese Dumplings

Credits: Chay Corner Facebook Page

Yes – if anyone asks if you want to eat here, that is the answer. Though they specify dumplings on the name, they actually have a pretty solid all-around menu. I’m a fan of the banh mi and soups. But then again, the real star of the show here are the dumplings. They have a variety of fillings, and all of them are delicious. The service is quick and efficient, making it ideal for a quick lunch or dinner. My only gripe is that they should have a Double X-L option. I don’t want to feel fat ordering twice.

The Hummus House

Credits: Hummus House Facebook Page

We save one of the best for last – the Hummus House, as the name suggests, is a middle eastern resto that serves hummus. But not just any hummus, it’s damn good hummus! One of the more memorable versions I’ve had in the Danang (and a lot of these other veggie places serve hummus). And they’ve got a bunch of other stuff too. Seriously, this food is really good and I recommend going here with a group so that you can order a bunch of different dishes to share. The falafel and eggplant are both excellent, as is the shakshuka. Great place to start the evening too, as it’s right at the bottom of An Thuong’s bar area. You can work your way up to the beach.

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It’s not difficult finding vegetarian (or even straight up vegan) options in Danang. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Whether you’re looking for a casual solo meal or something a group of travel buddies, there’s definitely a place for you.

The best part is, most of these places are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a delicious meal before (or after) hitting the beach.

Bon appetit!

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