Noteworthy Vegetarian Restaurants in Saigon Tried and Tested

Saigon is blessed with a plethora of vegetarian options, from hole in the wall eateries to upmarket restaurants. Even “normal” restaurants will often have a section of the menu devoted to vegetarian dishes. We really don’t see how anyone would think this city is difficult for Vegetarians! While it would be impossible to list down all the good vegetarian restaurants in Saigon, it would be useful to have a list of some of the best ones.

So whether you’re a long-time vegetarian or just a carnivore, looking for your one healthy meal a month, there will be at least one place here for you.


Credits: Shamballa Facebook Page

Did someone say “date night”? Shamballa features beautiful décor with plenty of greenery and a little pond, as well as quick service and delicious food that’s perfect for vegetarians. The drinks were quite unique and came in quickly. The menu features a variety of vegetarian versions or traditional Vietnamese dishes. Tasty and satisfying – a bit pricey, but excellent value, all things considered. Multiple locations in District 1, but doesn’t seem to have parking. Still, worth it for a special evening, or to take visiting guests.

The Vegan Garden

District 7 Food Restaurants Vegan Garden
District 7 – The Vegan Garden

We’ve written about them before. We’re big fans. If you’re in District 7 and looking for vegetarian-vegan food, the Vegan Garden is it! The food here is fresh and tasty. They have the best vegan pita in the city, arguably in the country. Nice mix of Western and Asian dishes from “chicken” caesar salad, to bun “bo” hue. We highly recommend the miso soup. It’s not miso, but it still tastes good and is quite filling. They’re available on Grab delivery.

Nhà Hàng Chay AN

Noteworthy Vegetarian Restaurants in Saigon Chay An
Credits: AN Facebook Page

Also located in District 7 and boasting of one of the best looking menus on this list would be Nha Hang Chay An & Cafe. This small chain offers a modern take on Vietnamese vegetarian, and they’ve definitely put effort into refining their dishes. From starters to mains and even desserts, there’s something for everyone. The tables are a bit small though, which might be a problem if you order more than a couple of dishes – and you just might, because they’re all very unique and tasty. We highly recommend their curry, and the open spring rolls.

They have 3 locations (as of 2022) all located in District 7: Sky Garden in the north part of Phu My Hung, one by the gardens close to Jimmy’s Pizza, and another one opening in September 2022 just South of Phu My Hung.

Check out their FB Page, seriously. It’s like Food Porn.

There’s more to Phu My Hung and District 7 than just Korean Food!

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Credits: Hum Facebook Page

With 2 locations around the city (as of 2022 – one in District 1, and another in Thao Dien), Hum is one of the more convenient places to get a nice, relaxed meal. Asian and Vietnamese fusion dishes, delivered in a beautifully designed space. The service is dependably and professional, and the menu has a lot of variety. Some vaguely Thai, some vaguely Japanese, some with a very familiar Vietnamese look, all very well presented and tasty. Good locations for a business lunch.

Prem Bistro

At least one Meat Eater was satisfied with vegetarian food for the day

This one was a very recent find – wish we’d gone there sooner. Prem do a great job with their dishes. Fresh, tasty, well presented, and with reasonably large servings. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, from curry, to noodles, to burgers, and stews. Not sure how they manage to keep the quality up, but somehow they do. Salads are big enough to be mains! Centrally location in District 1. The service is attentive and polite. Prices are on the high side, but still a yummy dining experience. Haven’t been to the new location, but I hope they’ve made access to their toilets a lot easier.

Here & Now Vegetarian

Noteworthy Vegetarian Restaurants in Saigon Here and Now
Credits: Here and Now Facebook Page

Pham Viet Chan is starting to take over as the prime location for nightlife in Saigon. Nestled between Thao Dien and D1, has an increasingly busy bar scene. And if you’re vegetarian, Here & Now is a good place to start the evening. Was quite busy the few times we went there, so they do have quote a following. Serving sizes are a bit on the small side, and wait staff seem to be a bit rushed, but the location itself is cozy and charming, with a nice home-style feel. Good for small groups. Book in advance.

Cơm chay Thiên Phúc

Noteworthy Vegetarian Restaurants in Saigon Thien Phuc
It’s not the fanciest of places – but it’s excellent value!

Yes, we’re adding this here. Thien Phuc is one of those canteen type places you can find all over Vietnam. There’s nothing special about the decor or the service, but the food is cheap (25K VND for rice and multiple viands – as of 2022), tasty, and they give you a lot of it. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a hearty, filling meal with a focus on variety. Several mock meat dishes, along with a host of tofu, vegetable, and noodle dishes. You can find these places in most districts, but this one is near Pham Viet Chan, and won’t break the bank just before you go out for a big night.

Want to know what else you can get for about a dollar?

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Makhan Bhog

Noteworthy Vegetarian Restaurants in Saigon Makhan Bhog Indian Restaurant
Credits: Makhan Bhog Facebook Page

Originally suggested by an Indian friend – the running joke with him was that this would be “Indian prison food”. We were expecting Thao Dien to have a canteen style eatery like the Thali places they have in India. Suffice to say, we’ve not been this happy to be this wrong. Makhan Bhog is a proper sit down restaurant, but it just so happens that they have half servings of vegetarian and vegan versions of classic Indian food. Get all the flavour you want without having to worry about leftovers or breaking the bank. You won’t go wrong with the biryanis here, just add a curry or two and you’re set. They have a second location opening in District 1, very soon. Highly recommended!

You might also want to order from them directly, instead of from Grab, to help support smaller local businesses:


Credits: Shelley’s Facebook Page

Located inside Eddie’s diner in Thao Dien, Shelley’s would be the perfect option if you’re looking for American style vegetarian food. The dishes are hearty and filling, and the portions are very generous. Their vegetarian Reuben was quite a surprise! Good place to go if you’re with a group, and not everyone wants to each meat.

Wild Thyme/Planta

Credits: Wild Thyme Facebook Page

A bit on the pricey side, but if you’re looking for a posh vegetarian meal, Wild Thyme is the place to go. Not sure how many other vegetarian restaurants in Saigon can say that they’ve got a swimming pool. Much like the well thought out atmosphere of the restaurant, the dishes are also very carefully plated and presented. The focus is on healthy, organic food, and it shows in the taste. Very good for groups and events in Thao Dien. They’ve got a good selection of adult beverages as well… alcohol is vegetarian right? Dog friendly restaurant in Thao Dien!

Quán chay Veggie Saigon

It’s a small place, but it’s got character

This relative newcomer is within a stone’s throw from the oasis of peace and tranquility that is Bui Vien (District 1). Veggie Saigon be a good option for vegetarian travelers, but it’s also a bit difficult to find. They do have *some signage, but not enough to not easily miss it. Regardless, the trek would be worth it as you’ll be rewarded with some interesting and tasty veggies takes of Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Small location, so the service is attentive and polite. Reasonably good value! Consider this place if you’re in the area anyway.

Special Mention: Saigon Vegan

Very old school

Just to be clear, none of the team have been here – but they do have the perfect name. We’ve been looking to try Saigon Vegan for a while, but it’s a bit out of the way and will have to be a specific weekend trek down to District 5. They do have that very old school look and feel though, with nothing but Vietnamese dishes, listed on well worn and partially handwritten menus. Seems like an interesting location.

Has anyone tried this?


Meat is delicious, but as these places have proven, veggies can be delicious too. These won’t be the only vegetarian places in Saigon, just some of the places we’ve gone to that have really stood out.

If you have any other locations that you think deserve a spot on a second list, please drop a comment below. We’re always looking for new places to try.

Enjoy and happy eating!

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